Change Management


Effective change requires a strategic plan of action coupled with incremental processes and procedures to sustain desired outcomes, especially in today's fast-paced virtual environment. It has to be carefully planned, and the pieces must be put into place to achieve the future state you envision. It is quite feasible that the way your department or company operates is not functioning properly or your organization has recently been involved in an acquisition or a merger, Therefore, new leadership has entered the workplace with no conventional ideas to move the organization in a new strategic direction.

Why Do You Need Change Management?

  • Helps Organizations Succeed and Grow.
  • Helps Employees Adapt and Commit to New Changes.
  • Drives Efficiency and Effectiveness.
  • Saves Time and Precious Resources.
  • Mitigates Transitional Issues.
  • Increases Employee Morale, Skill Development, and Engagement.

Why is organizational change so difficult?

Look at these statistics:

  • In the average organization, 20% of the employees design and drive change . . .
  • 30% actively resist change . . .
  • and 50% aren't sure whether they're for or against it.
Change Management

Change Management Services

Carefully crafted processes to enable successful individual and organizational outcomes.

PRITCHETT, LP's Business as UnUsual

Business as Usual - Change Essentials

Some companies change by default, as the decision to remain the same in the face of environmental volatility will eventually lead to decline. When we at EFChoice assist our clients in this transition, they have informed us of experiencing the following outcomes:

Inspirational Leaders and Engaged Workers

We help to ignite human potential by identifying and working with internal sponsors who have the ability to access and influence change at all levels of the organization.

Business Transformation

We help to develop a crystal clear vision of the desired state and create a plan to communicate it throughout the organization.

Dramatically Greater Success than they had Imagined Possible

By working with owners and executives to visualize and strategize what is possible, we help them identify more expansive visions and opportunities that take them to new heights of business success.

Sustained Growth

We work with the leadership team to continue the momentum and continually raise the bar to create world-class organizations.

PRITCHETT, LP's New Work Habits

New Work Habits for a world of exponential change

Named "One of the 10 Best Training Programs of the Year" by HR Executive, the New Work Habits program, This fast-paced program provides a formula and tools to build commitment, capability, and accountability within the organization. 

Key Objectives

Primary Results

  • Mobilize the workforce for high performance during uncertainty and change
  • Create a mindset of personal accountability for results
  • Transform resisters into change agents
  • Drive discipline in execution down to the individual level
  • Strengthen the corporate culture by embedding powerful new work habits
  • Shape your corporate culture for the force
  • Change employees' outdated mindsets
  • Transform resisters into change agents
  • Reduce resistance to change

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