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Our Business Leadership Consulting Story

EF Choice & Associates are experienced professionals in the leadership coaching industry. Our team of business leadership coaches are constantly gaining, and creating new tools, coaching initiatives, and methods, which directly influence how we execute the most impactful coaching solutions within your organization. With our innovative systematic approach, we help your organization become more agile. We develop more adaptable leaders, transform your teams, and help your organization thrive in constantly changing internal and external environments.


Our Mission

To help companies, small and large, define strategic objectives and formulate innovative solutions to effectively, and efficiently, reach desired business objectives.

Our Target Priorities - Building A Foundation To Thrive

Eugene Frazier, Founder & CEO

Eugene Frazier
  • To Build a more resilient workforce.
  • To Create a more diverse human capital pipeline.
  • To Increase organizations' use of technological advances.
  • To Foster diversity and inclusion focused on acceptance coupled with humanism.
  • To Improve companies' cultural migration.
  • To Effectively and efficiently improve process and company-wide agility across all business engagements.
  • To Identify, prepare, and nurture talent for readiness in today's marketplace.
  • To Spotlight growth opportunities and pivot strategies.

Core Focus Areas


In today’s ruthless business landscape, brands must buck the norm of preservation mode in order to liberate their business models forward. Leaders must learn to take action.


Establish strategic alignment with trusted internal resources to design and develop customized training programs and leadership development strategies.


Taking senior leader's performance to the next level by using Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology modeled after Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the #1 Coach in the world.


Distinct focus on organizational competencies that are critical to achieving team alignment, effective execution and the allocation of scarce resources to achieve strategic business objectives.

Mergers &

Mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring are a significant part of the corporate finance world. Every single day, separate companies combine to form larger ones.

Legacy & Wealth

Our mission is to educate and guide individuals through a systematic process to build wealth and develop a sustainable legacy.

Our Collaborative Partnerships