Leadership Transformation


EF Choice and Associates develops emergent leaders. We leverage our 29 years of experience to uncover critical leadership behaviors, capabilities, and ethos to escalate strategy, amplify implementation and drive execution. In today’s ever-changing environment, it is vital that rising leaders acquire holistic skillsets to adapt, add measurable value, and stimulate promotable growth across the organizational structure.

Leadership Transformation Services

Taking senior leader’s performance to the next level ... behind the scenes.

Workforce Planning

Develop an evidence-based process designed to be repeatable and sustainable that drives effective organization planning.

Career Development and Transition

Uncover and leverage critical success factors that drive mainstream career development and create a new reality for people of color.

Frame Communications

Engage in framing communications when interacting both verbally and written with your organization.

Cultural Transformation

Transforming overall organization skills and capability to support desired workplace culture.

Decision Making

Leverage Team Science methodology in creating transparent and objective organizational choices for consideration.

Soft Skills Development

Developing strengths in core areas common across all leadership positions.

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