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EF Choice and Associates utilizes the Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology, developed by Dr. Marshal Goldsmith, the #1 executive coach in the world. Stakeholder Centered Coaching is designed for successful executives and high potentials. The process leverages the psychology of successful people assuming a high level of self-determination and learning agility to move rapidly from awareness to acceptance, through to strategic actions. Through this and other behavioral evaluative techniques, we help executives increase efficiency across the whole organizational framework.

EF Choice & Associates Coaching Model for Success

7 Step Coaching Model

  • Step 1 – Establish coaching agreement
  • Step 2 – Determine key stakeholders
  • Step 3 – Collect assessment data and feedback
  • Step 4 – Identify coaching objectives
  • Step 5 – Implement measurable action plan
  • Step 6 – Provide progressive review and feedback
  • Step 7 – Deliver post-coaching follow up
7 Step Coaching Model

As the business world becomes more complex with changing technology and global endeavors, the role of a leader is also growing in complexity; making it more difficult to efficiently and effectively dedicate time to developing oneself.

Executive Coaching Service Offerings

Developer of In-House Coaching Programs

  • Create a coaching culture by honoring organizational strengths, acknowledging desired improvements, and leveraging core values that leads to better decision-making,
  • Exploration of Value Alignment
  • Alignment of Accountability and Decision Making
  • Establish an internal certification program

Executive Presence

  • Discover competitive advantages where senior leaders actively contribute to the overall success of their organizational framework
  • Explore strategies and techniques to increase revenue performance and improve operations initiatives
  • Master and apply the 16 Point Behavioral Coaching Model

Transitional Coaching

  • Eliminate and reduce turnover rates for top talent
  • Avoid loss of productivity
  • Acknowledge current state and develop desired future state
  • Avoid the high cost of failure
  • Identify and address performance gaps
  • Identify and implement strategies for achieving desired outcomes

Performance and Intervention Coaching

  • Implement practical strategies and techniques to manage return on investment (ROI)
  • Assess (ROI) of key talent
  • Challenge leaders to be accountable for their behaviors and impact on those they lead
  • Intensify primary focus on accountability and behavioral change

“100 Coaches Agency offers a curated global network of the world’s most experienced executive and leadership coaches and advisors.”

- Marshall Goldsmith, PhD 

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"I have been honored to have Eugene Frazier as an Executive Coach. It is gratifying to have someone in my corner who sees me as a whole person and can coach me on every aspect of my leadership, business, personal and spiritual life in its entirety, knowing that my performance and happiness involves all of these components. His acumen in the subject-matter of Diversity and Inclusion is also a critical component of his ability to coach since the issues I face as a professional in this arena are complex and ever-evolving. Eugene is most succinctly described as an "empath" -- someone who can also see the issues that are unspoken -- the proverbial "rests" between the "notes" of the music."

Denise Pirrotti Hummel - CEO, Lead Inclusively, Inc.

EY Principal (Alum), World's Leader of Diversity & Inclusion for Marshall Goldsmith MG100s


I have known Mr. Eugene Frazier as my executive coach over the last two years and can truly say that it has been a very delightful, inspiring, and impactful experience. Eugene has exceptional ability to connect with individuals at a granular level while providing a 50,000-foot accurate assessment of your strengths and challenges. He is also able to strategically and effectively assist in developing and implementing a plan for professional growth and success. I highly recommend him as a coach for executive leaders as he is well equipped to help with development of those in existing roles as well as those aspiring to achieve higher leadership roles. I am excited about my achievements with him and very much looking forward to continuing my work and collaboration with him over the span of my career.

Janet Southerland, DDS, MPH, PhD - Professor & Vice President of Interprofessional Education, Institutional Effectiveness, and the Health Education Center
Tom Tucker Testimonial for EF Choice & Associates

"I have known and worked with Eugene for several years. His strategic organizational planning skills and insight into people is exemplary. Eugene has assisted me in tackling numerous organizational issues, offering practical solutions incorporating the realities of operating in a political and complex corporate environment. He would be the first person to come to mind whether planning a business start-up or searching for an organizational problem solver to address an ongoing business challenge."

Tom Tucker - Senior Director, Project Management (Tech)

Molecular Imaging at Siemens Medical Solutions USA

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