Legacy and Wealth Building


Our mission is to provide exceptionally useful information regarding the process of building and maintaining wealth for yourself and your family's future. Our programs facilitate training and development activities that demystify the investment industry and wealth-building through valuable information sharing, timely communication commentary, and easy-to-use investigative tools to launch your desired financial wealth-building process. When you obtain financial freedom you also attain personal freedom. Are you ready to start investing in your financial growth and development?

Benefits of Creating a Financial Plan

  • An excellent place to start building wealth for your desired future.
  • Receive a tax advantages retirement account that allows you to choose which investments are made.
  • Instills peace of mind as well as a heightened confidence in your financial future.
  • Opens up opportunities for other investments.
  • Helps you develop a more complete financial portfolio.
  • Gives you the means and methods to accomplish the financial goals of your choosing.
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4 Attain Legacy and Wealth-Building-Process EFCHOICE Process
5 Sustain Legacy and Wealth-Building-Process EFCHOICE

Service Offerings

Tools, techniques and/or strategies where EFChoice can help.

Financial Analysis and Planning

Assessment of current challenges and desired outcomes.

Debt Management and Mitigation

Identifying where you are now and what you need to get to where you want to be.

Financial Decision Making

Building a strategy for self promotion in the new environment for successful transition.

Advanced Investment Techniques

Learn how to properly frame conversations both verbally and written.

Transition Planning

Find out whats going on behind the scenes in order to minimize blindspots.

Wealth Building Mindset

Developing a mental model for approaching building wealth.

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