Organizational Effectiveness


Using current innovative tools, EF Choice and Associates assists in the transformation of leaders, teams, and organizations to thrive in constantly changing environments. We actively identify process improvement opportunities that promote agility, lead to more adaptable leaders, build a more resilient workforce, and create a more diverse human capital pipeline. By streamlining the process, we also elevate an organization’s implementation, and usage, of technological advancements. An effective organization creates significant and sustaining results which build employee and customer brand loyalty.

The Five Functional Areas of an Effective Organization

“Techniques and Strategies for Promoting Successful Outcomes”

Organizational Effectiveness model1) Senior Leadership
Are your organization's strategic goals and priorities clear and well-communicated, and is your leadership team cohesive?

2) Decision-Making and Structure
Based on your organization's priorities, are the decision-making roles and accountabilities clear? Does the overall structure support your current strategy, with clear roles, responsibilities, reporting relationships, and coordinating mechanisms to integrate across departments?

3) People Resources
Do you have the right people and capabilities to achieve your priorities, and do your people feel that their goals and measures align with these priorities? Do you have the processes in place to develop the skills and capabilities they will need for your organization’s future success?

4) Work Processes and Structure
Do you have work processes and supporting structures in place to ensure successful outcomes for your teams? Work stream activity in any organization is performed through processes. To ensure that your staff are as productive as possible, the work processes need to be defined and enabled by tools and supporting systems. These tools and resources should offer strategies and approaches for helping your staff be as productive as possible in their daily work.

5) Business Culture
Does your organization have a high-performance culture? Is it open and adaptable to change? Are you effective at managing change?

Organizational Effectiveness for the Virtual Environment

  • Assess the Landscape
  • Clearly Communicate
  • Listen
  • Align Strategy with Culture
  • Assessment of Effectiveness
  • Create Infrastructure
  • Identify Metrics
  • Observe and Sustain

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