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EF Choice & Associates Service Delivery Model

Leadership Advisory for Human Resources Executives

In the service delivery model, EF Choice & Associates would offer a comprehensive range of services to support Human Resources Executives in their leadership development and organizational effectiveness efforts. The model encompasses various areas such as leadership development, executive coaching, organizational development, talent management, performance management, succession planning, employee engagement, senior HR advisory, and behavioral-based assessments. The services are tailored to meet HR executives' unique needs and goals and are delivered through reviews, workshops, coaching sessions, and strategic advisory support.


  • Conduct leadership assessments to identify strengths and areas for development.
  • Design and deliver customized leadership development programs, including workshops, seminars, and executive retreats.
  • Provide virtual and one-on-one coaching for leaders to enhance their skills and core competencies.
  • Facilitate leadership forums and roundtable discussions to foster peer learning, knowledge sharing, and skill migration.


  • Develop talent management frameworks and processes, including talent acquisition, performance management, and career development pathways.
  • Design and deliver competency-based interviewing and selection training for HR executives.
  • Create succession planning strategies and programs to identify and develop high-potential talent.
  • Define and deploy talent retention strategies, including employee recognition and rewards programs.


  • Conduct employee engagement surveys and analyze results to identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop and implement employee engagement strategies and initiatives to foster a positive work environment.
  • Provide training and coaching on employee recognition and communication strategies.
  • Collaborate on creating employee feedback mechanisms and action plans based on survey results.


  • Offer personalized coaching services to support HR executives in achieving their strategic goals.
  • Launch confidential coaching engagements to address leadership challenges, enhance decision-making, and develop effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Conduct evidence-based assessments and feedback sessions to identify potential growth areas and create individual development plans.
  • Utilize a strengths-based approach to empower executives and drive sustainable behavior change.


  • Design and implement performance management systems aligned with organizational goals, values, and strategic objectives.
  • Develop performance evaluation frameworks and tools to assess individual and team performance.
  • Provide training and coaching to HR executives on effective performance feedback and goal-setting techniques.
  • Offer support in establishing performance improvement plans for underperforming individuals or teams.

HR Advisory

  • Provide senior HR executives with strategic coaching and insights on HR best practices.
  • Offer guidance on HR policy development and implementation.
  • Conduct HR audits and assessments to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Serve as a trusted advisor for senior HR leaders in addressing complex organizational and people-related challenges.


  • Conduct behavioral-based assessments to provide insights into individual and team dynamics.
  • Utilize various tools, such as Motivators assessments and LPI-360-degree feedback, to assess behavioral competencies.
  • Provide comprehensive reports and feedback sessions to enhance self-awareness and behavioral change.
  • Support HR executives in leveraging assessment results to enhance leadership effectiveness and team performance.


  • Conduct succession planning assessments to identify critical roles and high-potential individuals.
  • Develop succession planning strategies and programs to ensure the availability of qualified successors.
  • Co-create and facilitate talent development initiatives to prepare future leaders.
  • Facilitate leadership transition planning and knowledge transfer processes.


  • Perform organizational assessments that diagnose areas of improvement to enhance overall effectiveness.
  • Design and implement change management strategies to support organizational and cultural transformations.
  • Develop and facilitate team science activities and assessment center workshops to enhance collaboration and cohesion.
  • Establish a protocol for cultural transformation, values alignment, and employee engagement initiatives.

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