Health and Wellness Consultation


With growing focus on leading healthier lifestyles, health care programs are surfacing everywhere. As employers become increasingly aware of the benefits of employing healthy and happy staff, wellness programs are being Incorporated Into company strategies for promoting a healthier work place.


For a wellness program to be successful it needs to be led and supported by individuals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of health care. This person is a wellness consultant, who instructs, coach and operate every day as a living example, It is my experience that we struggle with this

concept because of two distinct reasons. First and foremost, we lose touch with our bodies and lack knowledge in understanding what the body needs on a consistent basis to function effectively and efficiently.


Secondly, we employ a thought process that associate getting healthy to giving up something significant versus employing a moderation approach leading to the potential of total elimination over time. Wellness consulting is still a rather new concept but it s quickly catching up in popularity. A wellness consultant helps people to lead physically, as well as, mentally healthier lifestyles. As wellness consultants we advise people on healthier lifestyle choices in various areas including exercise, nutrition and stress management.


We pride ourselves on finding and suggesting simple solutions that clients can incorporate into their daily lives to lead a healthier lifestyle, A wellness consultant’s services help you to lead a healthier life, which helps prevent escalating medical costs due to any illness. If you are a corporation looking to establish and implement a wellness program to improve your bottom-line

cost related to health care and/or absenteeism from work you have made contact with the right support structure.


When engaged in assessment and treatment plan formulation, we approach client’s individual needs and what recommendations to make based on the person’s personality. Our client interface methodology is grounded in the study of limitations and strengths of the client without

appearing Intrusive. The foundation of our service delivery model is about enabling the client to process and internalize the notion of affirming and appreciating oneself.


As a Wellness Coach, I come to you with skills and overall expertise in the following critical areas: counseling skills and competency in nutritional consulting, lifestyle assessment skills, lifestyle coach, fitness training, goal-setting techniques and stress management facilitation.


EFChoice Business Consulting combines lectures with tangible hands on training. All seminars are interactive in nature and the primary teaching tools are power-point presentations, class activities and discussions, Individual practice time and demonstrations. Whether you require services as a corporation, small privately owned business, specialty groups or an individual looking to transform your fe give EFChoice a call for a consultation.