Change Management

Establish strategic alignment with trusted internal resources to design and develop customized training programs and leadership development strategies.


Effective change requires a strategic plan of action coupled with incremental process and procedures to sustain desired outcomes. It has to be carefully planned, and the pieces must be put into place to achieve the future state you envision. It is quite feasible that the way your department or company operates is not functioning properly or you organization has recently been involved in an acquisition or a merger, Therefore, new leadership has entered the workplace with none conventional ideas to move the organization in a new strategic direction.



Some companies change by default, as the decision to remain the same in the face of environmental volatility will eventually lead to decline. When we at EFChoice assist our clients in this transition, they have informed us of experiencing the following outcomes:

Dramatically greater success than they had imagined possible

        • By working with owners and executives to visualize and strategize what is possible, we help them identify more expansive visions and opportunities that take them to new heights of business success.

Business transformation

        • We help to develop a crystal clear vision of the desired state and create a plan to communicate it throughout the organization.

Inspirational leaders and engaged workers

        • We help to ignite human potential by identifying and working with internal sponsors who have the ability to access and influence change at all levels of the organization.

Sustained growth

        • We work with the leadership team to continue the momentum and continually raise the bar to create world-class organizations.

Employee Relations Consultation

Taking senior leader’s performance to the next level...behind the scenes.

In the work place environment there will always be some level of conflict in organizations when people are asked to work with one another. But what happens when conflict impacts productivity? We guide teams through periods of conflict that negatively impact productivity and profitability. Organizations are on the road to success when they are able to identify conflict and recognize when outside resources are required to fully address the problems at hand. When considering EFChoice as an intervention and broker of resolutions, know that we are committed to addressing root cause of presenting problems and facilitate the implementation of sustainable change.


By helping our clients create a more harmonious work environment, they are able to:

  • Accelerate team performance.
  • We provide workable solutions for situations that are preventing employee from working together to achieve common goals.
  • Improve organizational effectiveness.We reduce stress and optimize performance by teaching people how to confront situations without conflict.
  • Increase productivity.
  • We help develop a more engaged workforce that enables employees to work seamlessly with one another.

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