Legacy & Wealth Building

"Earn it," Save it," Invest it!" Tools to empower you to be a financial LENDER not a borrower.

Legacy & Wealth Building

Our mission is to provide exceptionally useful information regarding the Self Directed IRA industry. Facilitate training and development activity that demystify the investment industry through valuable information sharing, timely communication commentary and easy to use investigative tools to launch your desired financial wealth building process. Are you ready state to begin investing in your financial growth and development?

Benefits of a Self Directed IRA

An excellent place to start building wealth for your desired future.

Tax advantaged retirement account that allows you to choose which investment are made.

Tax advantaged retirement account that allows you to choose which investment are made.

Potential investments through self-directed IRAs significantly exceeds traditional IRA choices, which allows account owners a more proactive approach to improve investment returns and managing risk.

Strongly recommend that you consult with a professional tax advisor to seek counsel before entering into this type of investment to carefully explore the ramifications for specific situation.

One of the most common products is real estate IRA which is used to purchase, manage real estate properties and/or lending to other investors.


Tools, techniques and/or strategies where EFChoice can help.

Portfolio Assessment

Could your portfolio be performing better?

Investment Opportunities

Building a strategy for self promotion in the new environment to for successful transition.

Investing 101

Assessment of current challenges and desired outcomes.

Advanced Investment Techniques

Learn how to properly frame conversations both verbally and written.

Portfolio Planning

Identifying where you are know and what you need to get to where you want to be.

Transition Planning

Find out whats going on behind the scenes in order to minimize blindspots.

Retirement Planning

Process Structure Techniques, strategies and tools to facilitate transition.

Wealth Building Mindset

Developing a mental model for approaching building wealth.

Becoming a Lender

Gain returns like a bank.

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