About EF Choice and Associates/ Who WE ARE

The Impact of CHOICE

Our Mission: To help companies- small and large-define strategic objectives and formulate innovative solutions to effectively, and efficiently, reach desired business objectives.

Our Story: EF Choice & Associates are experienced professionals in the coaching industry. Our team of coaches are constantly gaining, and creating new tools, coaching initiatives, and methods, which directly influence how we execute the most impactful coaching solutions within your organization. With our innovative systematic approach, we help your organization become more agile. We develop more adaptable leaders, transform your teams, and help your organization thrive in constantly changing internal and external environments.

Our Aims:    

  • Building a more resilient workforce.
  • Creating a more diverse human capital pipeline.
  • Fostering Diversity Inclusion focused on Acceptance coupled with Humanism.
  • Increasing organization’s use of technological advances.
  • Improving companies’ cultural migration.
  • Effectively and efficiently improve process and company-wide agility across all business engagements.
  • Identifying, preparing, and nurturing talent for readiness in the today’s marketplace.
  • Identifying growth opportunities and pivot strategies.

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EFChoice Consulting has years of combined global exposure and experience. We can help your company define and reach your desired goals.

Our expert affiliates are located in both domestic and international regions of the world. Domestically we have affiliated offices in Chicago Illinois, Michigan, Atlanta and North Carolina. International affiliated offices are established in Lugano (Switzerland), Paris (France), and Shenyang China. We have the ability to communicate through eight different languages and there ‘s no goal that we are unable to help you accomplish.

EF Choice Consulting executes its customer assignments with the highest degree of confidentially and we are results oriented. Our consultation fees are not pre-established; they are based on the specific assignment and the anticipated results.